At bubbl “Safety” is paramount. The ultimate goal of bubbl is to grow its allegiance through strict driver-compliance standards that resonate with the public.

Our Differentiators:

Our application process includes an interview as well as drug screening, background check, and a motor vehicle report.

All fleet and driver owned cars are regulated by the company, and are visibly branded.

Drivers are off-duty or honorably discharged first responders and they are required to wear a company issued blue Bubbl shirt to help identify themselves.

Drivers are employed by the company and therefore trained and held accountable by the management team.

Bubbl’s agenda is different

Today, first responders support and enforce safety compliance on a daily basis. So we identified a need, and an opportunity, to exert that natural public adherence to compliance by using officers, fire fighters, and medics in an off-duty capacity to drive our customers. By blending the ease of technology with the best in transportation, you can rest assured knowing that your children and family members are going to be completely safe when they are wrapped in a bubbl.