Advertising Opportunities

Partner with Bubbl. Rides driven by BLUE


LET Bubbl be your company’s ROLLING BILLBOARD!

Bubbl has quickly established itself as the premier transportation company. And you can be a part of our success.

Bubbl offers you the chance to stand out from the crowd and become an advertising partner. Our cars are basically rolling billboards. Wrap your company details around our cars and be seen here, there and everywhere!

What we do to promote your business

100% custom exterior design and install of car wrap on a car with visual punch

10+ hours/day on the road average, variable routes, maximizing exposure in highly trafficked areas

Presence at local events and co-sponsorship at events as available

Featured in print media coverage and televised coverage as available

Integrated throughout Bubbl’s social media campaign including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Distribution of promotional materials provided by advertiser to passengers

E-blasts highlighting your company to our registered customer base

Relationship with a social conscience company which “Backs the Blue”

Call your local office for pricing and contract terms or email