New service area will be serving your community soon.

Bubbl Rides $20

For the first two passengers inside the Bubbl.  Passengers at least 18 years old.

All rides which fall outside the designated areas are calculated based on time and distance.

Bubbl Kids $20

For the first two passengers inside the Bubbl.  Passengers 8-17 years old.

All rides which fall outside the designated areas are calculated based on time and distance.

Bubbl Dash

Please call us at 1-833-68-BUBBL to set up delivery service.

About Bubbl Greenwich

Bubbl Greenwich is owned and operated, by local Greenwich resident, Andi Cosby. Andi lives in Old Greenwich with her husband Matt and their three children.  She understands firsthand how stressful it is to get everyone where they need to be.

Bubbl Greenwich wants to help remove some of the unnecessary stress from your family, truly Bubbl wrapping them in safe trusted Bubbl rides.

Service Area

  • Minimum base fare service area is approximately 5 mile radius from the intersection of Scofield St. and Valley Rd. in Cos Cob.
  • Minimum base fare service area covers approximately from the Connecticut/New York border at I-95 up to the Merritt Pkwy to the center of downtown Stamford.

Bubbl Rides


  • Prices based upon one pick up location to one drop off location.
  • Multiple stops are available. They can be booked online or on our App. If you need additional assistance, please call us.
  • Inside Bubbl: $1 for every ½ mile for every additional stop (after 2.5 miles).
  • Minimum charge is $5 per extra stop.
  • Outside Bubbl: Extra stops based on time/distance. Minimum charge is $5 per extra stop.
  • Prices include 2 passengers. $5 for each additional passenger.
  • $5 Escort Fee.
  • $5 per 10 minutes late waiting fee.
  • $7 per car seat or booster seat request.
  • $12 Additional PREMIUM car upgrade.
  • $12 Additional SUV upgrade if 4 or less passengers.
  • $5 cancellation fee will be charged for any ride cancelled prior to one hour pick up time. Full fare will be charged if ride is cancelled within one hour of pick up time.
  • $5 Surcharge Pets must be accompanied by owner, in a kennel, and fit in a standard sized vehicle. We are happy to transport Service Dogs. $12 Surcharge for Pets who are uncrated.
  • All rides between midnight and 5 am are doubled. (This applies to rides which may begin before midnight but do to end until after 12am.)
  • Please call office for additional quotes.

Flat Rates from inside Bubbl area

  • Chelsea Piers to/from $20 each way
  • Whitby School to/from $22 each way
  • Sacred Heart Greenwich School to/from $22 each way
  • Hourly Service
    $50 Per hour in the Bubbl area ($12 per 15 mins thereafter)
    $60 Per hour outside Bubbl area ($15 per 15 mins thereafter)
    $70 Per hour outside Metroplex

Dash: Deliveries By Blue

Put your business in our safe hands

Bubbl Dash is the safest and most unique transportation and delivery service around. You can trust us to get all of your important deliveries to and from wherever they need to be, safely and securely.

Driven by off-duty and retired police officers only, Bubbl Dash is a division of Bubbl, Rides driven by BLUE. It is your onestop transportation solution to get your valuable cargo – loved ones AND documents, merchandise, etc – to their final destination in a simple and hassle-free way.

You can be confident in the integrity and reliability of Team Bubbl. We’ve got you covered.

Bubbl Dash drivers are company employees. In addition to being an off-duty and retired police officer, they are thoroughly vetted through drug screens, motor vehicle reports, and the criminal history process.

All vehicles are company inspected and approved by the Bubbl team.

Bubbl has taken the best of technology and partnered it with the best drivers, pricing structure and the highest service standards.


All prices below apply to all bookings where pick up and drop off locations fall within our defined Bubbl service areas.


For Deliveries with 8 hours or more advance booking.



For Deliveries due within 4 hours of booking.


Hot Shot

For Deliveries due within 2 hours of booking.


All other deliveries are calculated by time and distance. Fares listed above are the minimum fare requirement.

Please call us at 1-833-68-BUBBL to set up delivery service.