Parents, would you let your kid ride an Uber or Lyft by themselves?

By USA Today

Having grown up riding the New York City subways by herself at age 11 or 12, suburban New Jersey mom Kasia Bardi was fine the first time her 12-year-old boy Fabrizio rode an Uber alone to an “important soccer game.”

Bardi ordered and monitored the five-minute drive, and it probably didn’t hurt that her son, even at that age, was 6 feet tall and looked older than he was…

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LISTEN/READ NOW: Jeff & Rebecca’s App Of The Week – Bubbl

By Jeff & Rebecca on KCBI FM

Bubbl is a safe and reliable ride service. They service all people who live, work, and play in the DFW area. Their prescheduled service model operates within and around defined community neighborhoods. Their drivers are off-duty/retired police officers only; licensed state peace officers – use-of-force trained, courageous but most of all courteous and honorable. They protect and serve and, above else, they value family. That’s their honor code…

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Meet Paul Adams of Bubbl Rides Driven by Blue in Farmers Branch

By VoyageDallas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Paul Adams.

Paul, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

How we started and what we thought we wanted to be is not who we are today. Our customers have shaped who we have become. There are so many diverse needs and requests of the customer base we have evolved to become a niche rather white glove concierge transportation provider for kids over 8, those with special needs, seniors and when we are not moving passengers we are moving your products and services through our courier business Bubbl Dash. Don’t get me wrong we drive just about anybody but I like the fact that we are doing something that few do and that’s making children mobile when their parents can’t make it happen, the special needs population as well has become more independent and less reliant on family members and the seniors are simply mobile once again….

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Growing Dallas-Based Ride Share Service Employs Police as Drivers

By Kevin Cokely, NBC 5 - DFW

A Dallas-based ride share service that employs only off-duty or retired police officers as drivers is expanding.

“It offers a great service to people, and that’s what I’ve pretty much done my whole life is serving the public,” said Tim Atkins, a retired police officer and firefighter who now drives for Bubbl.

The company started in August 2016 and now employs 60 drivers, each of whom must each pass rigorous background checks.

“They still feel that they’re providing some type of service back to the community,” said Bubbl’s Mike Mendez, a retired Dallas police detective. “Plus, they feel that they’re providing security to whoever they have in their cars.”

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Meet Bubbl: A Dallas-Based Ride Service That Might Give Uber a Run for Its Money

A ride service company is shaking things up in Dallas by providing safer transportation. Meet Bubbl: a Dallas-based company co-founded by former DPD deputy chief and current DISD chief of police Craig Miller. So what sets Bubbl apart from all the other guys? For one, it’s not a ride-hailing service like a taxi. You schedule all your rides in advance.

The biggest feature about this service is that all staff are retired or off-duty police officers and operates in various areas around Dallas such as the Park Cities, Uptown, and Preston Hollow. This is especially great for parents who are looking for reliable and safe transportation for their kids when daily schedules get hectic.

A few things to note. All drivers are licensed to carry concealed handguns, but they are not required to. The company operates 24/7 and the minimum passenger age allowed is eight years old. The service operates within a 5-mile radius from the intersection of Preston Rd. and McFarlin Blvd. Prices are a little steep at $15 per adult and $17 per child, but the trade off is the security one feels when taking a ride with the company.

Bubbl also has a list of flat fees to various areas such as DFW Airport ($45), Christmas lights tour ($60/hour), Fair Park ($25, excluding the State Fair), American Airlines Center ($20), Frisco, McKinney, and Southlake ($40).

94.9 KLTY-Mathnasium CEO Scholarship Program

By 94.9 KLTY

Each month (September 2016 - May 2017 school year) 94.9 KLTY and Mathnasium will feature a CEO that will grant a $1,000 scholarship, to a school age child K-12, that needs help in Math.

Paul Adams - CEO of Bubbl

Paul served as the VP of Operations & Business Development for Dal-Tile the largest manufacturer of ceramic tile in North America. Paul was instrumental in creating an operating culture that exceeded planned revenue, operating income and cash objectives. He directed sales operations for a $1.3B P&L that included new product launches, pricing tools, establishment of the company’s B2B platform, to include implementation of the company’s CRM system. He led and authored Dal-Tile’s Manufactured Stone buisness strategy and all associated planning that included a new product roadmap, sales plan, competitor analysis, and marketing plan that helped this sales channel exceed plan performance in 2012…

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