Bubbl Dallas Partners with Northwood Club

2017 Northwood Junior Camp Programs:


Summer Golf Camp

Location - Sherrill Park Golf Course - Richardson, Tx 2001 E Lookout Dr, Richardson, Tx 75082

Our GOLF ONLY camp is designed to introduce the game of golf to young golfers, 5-10 years of age. While children older than 10 are welcome, we do offer the Knights program that will be more age appropriate. Children will be instructed in no more than a 5:1 student/teacher ratio. Camps will be conducted by the Northwood Golf Professional Staff, and will also include qualified low-handicap college or high school golfer. Junior golfers will learn the basic fundamentals, proper swing mechanics, along with the rules and etiquette.

Drop off for camp will be onsite at Sherrill Park with the kids returning back to the club at noon using the service Bubbl. Bubbl is a transportation service that is made up of off duty police officers.  The drivers are licensed Texas Peace Officers, honorable, values family and uses professionalism.

Camp Schedule
9am - Drop Off
10-12pm - Golf - course activites, fun games, and prizes
12-12:30 - Transportaion back to Northwood via Bubbl
12:30-1 - Lunch
1-3 - Swim and games at Hightower pool.

Available Dates:
Camp 1: May 31- June 2
Camp 2: June 6-9 
Camp 3 June 13-16
Camp 4: June 27-30
Camp 5: July 18-21
Camp 6: July 25-28

Camp fees will be$300.00 per camper (Northwood Member);$350.00(non Northwood member). Participating juniors will receive lunch, camp prizes and gifts as part of their camp fee. Juniors may participate one, two or three days of the camp each week. The 3-Day camp fee is $225.00; 2-Day camp fee is $175.00, and the 1-Day camp fee is $100.00.

To register for a camp, please call the Northwood Golf Shop at 972.934.0544, or email the golf professional staff at:[email protected] When registering, please provide the name, age, shirt size, and telephone number for each junior.